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However, as time marches onward, I get asked other questions by assorted parties across this great nation. Sometimes, they give me permission to post the findings here as well so that everyone can benefit. Therefore, below, sorted chronologically with the most recent at the top, is an assortment of other answers.

If you have a question that isn't answered by the Index, the public reports or on the list below - feel free to reach out and we'll see if the answer is hiding in the database.

Brief Description
6Gender in InventionOf all inventors: what is the percentage breakdown of wo/men? Is one gender increasing over time? Are there geographies that are more densely female inventors than male? Are there art classes where women play a more dominant role in invention? Are there companies that are more female inventor friendly than others?
5Expediting Patent Applications via Track OneA client asked for an analysis of Track One expediting of patents. Click the link for some of those results.
4Most valuable (cited) patents?Some circles believe that the more a patent is cited, the more valuable it must be. And, the company holding the most cited patents - the most valuable portfolio. Want to know who it is? Click the link at left and the PDF will show you the top 100 most valuable porfolios PLUS the lists of the most valuable patents for the top three of those companies.
3How Ft. Collins Colorado Executed a TurnaroudWhat is the rate of patent production by metro over the 12+ years of history in the database? More specifically, if there were any metros that managed a "turnaround". There are two. Click the link at left to read about one of them.
2Drone PatentsA client asked for an analysis of drone patents. How many? Who filing? What art classes? How fast are they awarded? More...
1Foreign vs Domestic InventorsWhat percentage of awarded patents go to US citizens vs foreign nationals? And is that percentage rising or falling?